Our company was started by a husband and wife in August 2016. It is a local small business in Bergen County, NJ. Our experience in Tile Repair + Grout Repair + Restoration is 5+yrs. We also have 5+yrs of New Tile installation experience.  

   We know that there are a lot of contractors and handy men to choose from; however, few are as experienced with the restoration of Tile & Grout like we are. We have restored 400+ showers or tiled areas a year for the last 5+yrs which gives us a remarkable amount of experience with many different tile jobs and many different problems that can occur from leaks to improper installations.

   You can tell by looking at some of the homes we've worked on that we take pride in our work, have an eye for detail and a passion for restoration which really makes a Big Difference. That is what sets us apart and lets you know you've come to the right place.

   We're a smaller company, as it's better to have fewer jobs and do them well than to have a ton of work and be average. This philosophy is a Big Reason to come to us. Simply put, we're Really Good at what we do.

About Us