Sealing grout is done to protect liquids, stains or dirt accumulation from penetrating grout. It is also done to give a finish and uniform look to old or worn out grout. Though nothing can prevent aging or wear and tear, sealing grout provides a barrier between your grout and any elements that may come in contact with your grout and also increases longevity.Sealing grout is recommended on grout because grout  is porous and not only retains dirt and grime but also absorbs microscopic particles of that dirt, grime and other liquids that come in to contact with unsealed grout.

Clear Sealing is a fairly easy process which is recommended every 6-12 months on highly trafficked areas. It can be applied by simply using a sponge and a sealer product that is sold at local hardware or tile stores. Some cases may require using a brush for accuracy to simply get the grout lines only and not the tiles.

Color Sealing grout is recommended to make worn and discolored grout look uniform through the entire area that's being sealed. The lifespan of a  newly sealed floor or wall depends on environment, maintenance and dirt buildup in high traffic areas.

Making the colors for color sealing is uniquely tailored for each customer depending on preference & overall look but no matter what decision is made the final look will Bring Beauty Back to Your Tile & Grout.

Clear & Color Sealing