Re-grouting is needed when grout starts to age, crack, gets discolored or when mold & mildew becomes a visible issue. If the grout is in good condition but there are still cracks and grout missing; patching up with a similar grout will work to help stop leaks and moisture from getting behind the tiles.

Re-grouting is a simple yet technical and detail oriented procedure. It's simple because the first step is to remove any old or damaged grout; the second step is the installation of new grout. The technical and detail oriented parts are in the removal process; it's technical because hand tools are used to remove the grout and there is a lot of room for mistakes or damage which are inherent when re-grouting; it's detail oriented because if removal isn't done properly there will be a lot of details that stick out like a sore thumb during the installation step.

Re-grouting is done or supervised by a trained specialist; the utmost care and attention is paid to each and every job performed.

Re-grouting will revitalize an old or worn out area and Bring Beauty Back to Your Tile & Grout.