Tile Installations

Tile installations when done with the proper materials and proper techniques should last a minimum of 10yrs before any significant problems occur. The problem with doing tile installations the right way is, it's very expensive and time consuming. You can have 'The Best Tile' in the world but if it's not installed properly it will fail, crack and become loose over a shorter period of time.

Our experience  comes from many different tile guys who possess experience from many years of tiling; this has given us their experience which adds up to100yrs or more of tilework due to the fact that we've fixed 100's if not 1000's of botched tile jobs; this also helps us with knowing, what actually works, what works sometimes and what never works

The process for installations depend on whether or not the removal of an old floor or wall is required.

A) Removal may require demolition and possibly a dumpster.

B) After the removal of the old tiles, an assessment of the existing subfloor or wall will be required to determine if it needs to be replaced or updated; doing this is done to ensure stability and durability.

C) To ensure longevity of the area being tiled, the proper materials must be used on the subfloor or wall. Once this process is completed the tiles are ready to go up.

D) When installing tiles there are techniques that are not known and some are known but not practiced because of the time it takes and most jobs that fail are the ones where the person(s) installing the tile either skipped a step to be faster or just didn't know.

E) Once all tiles are installed the final step is grouting and depending on where the work has been done caulking may be required as well.

We will try to avoid this route and do our best to restore or fix any old or damaged areas but ultimately our goal is to Bring The Beauty Back to Your Tile & Grout.