Tile Repair & Replacement

Tile Repair & Replacement  covers a wide variety of surfaces and areas that contain tiles such as kitchen floors, bathroom walls, backsplashes, shower floors etc..

Tiles can get damaged, cracked or broken for a numerous amount of reasons ; some examples are but not limited to aging, wear and tear,  structural settlement, seasonal changes that may cause warping or movement, improper installation, water and material failure.

Depending on the situation, an assessment will be made on whether a tile(s) needs to be repaired,  replaced, re-bonded or if the sub-floor or initial installation is failing as a whole; it is the customers' decision on whether or not they would like to proceed after an informed assessment is made.

Tile repair & replacement help save tons of money by fixing areas that need fixing and not replacing an entire floor or wall which may still be structurally sound as a whole.  

Re-Bonding is a technique used to secure loose  floor tiles. When tiles have lost contact with the thinset used during installation but isn't cracked, re-bonding is a good repair option to avoid replacing tiles or the whole floor. A crunching or creaking sound can be heard from the loose tiles or area affected. Other signs include cracking grout or tiles.

Tile repair & replacement is a good option when dealing with loose, cracked or broken tiles and it helps Bringing Beauty Back to Your Tile & Grout.