Water Damage

Water Damage occurs when water finds it way into a structure and is left unaddressed for a considerable amount of time. Leaving an area unattended to may cause numerous amount of issues such as but not limited to; mold or mildew growth which can become a health hazard; leaking and possible damage to adjacent areas; wall, floor or ceiling failure as well as tile, grout and caulk failure.

Repairing a water damaged area can save from expensive and unnecessary rebuilding of an affected area as well as extend the life of the area being repaired.

The process begins with an assessment of the affected area followed by removal. Once the removal process is done and the damaged area is removed the installation process begins. In this step the areas removed is replaced with proper materials and modern techniques are used to ensure  the longevity of the repaired areas.

Water damage repairs can provide a safe and clean environment and is known for Bringing Beauty Back to Tile & Grout.